Gold price at all-time high in some major gold mining nations

The following are some introductory bullet points for my latest article on Seeking Alpha:  To read the full article click on Currency Wars Keep Global Gold Miners In Good Shape:

  • While the US dollar gold price has fallen over 40% from its 2011 peak, the same is not true in major gold producing nations’ own currencies.
  • With most gold mining costs incurred in domestic currencies and revenues in US dollars, the economics of mining in most of the world’s top producers are not nearly so negative.
  • In Canada and Australia for example the gold price is only down 15% and 13% respectively from the 2011 peak.
  • In Russia – the world’s No. 3 gold miner – the current gold price is close to an all-time high.
  • In South Africa (the world’s sixth largest producer) and Argentina (world No. 14), the gold price is comfortably at an all-time high.