Swiss gold exports, Indian imports, GLD massive addition, Russian and Chinese gold reserves – my recent Sharps Pixley articles

I may be winding down the lawrieongold site as far as original articles are concerned, but I am still writing on precious metals – primarily for the Sharps Pixley/Metals Daily site.  My most recent articles are linked below.  To read them in full click on the titles:

Swiss gold exports – India surges back on top in May

25 Jun 2019 – The latest Swiss gold export figures for May see India regaining its place as comfortably the leading recipient and over 80% of Swiss gold exports still heading for Asian and Middle Eastern markets

GLD adds massive 35 tonnes of gold Friday

24 Jun 2019 – As an indicator of a massive change in investor sentiment towards gold, Fridays 35 tonne increase in the GLD holding stands out, while silver’s continuing underperformance could make it a bargain buy

Gold tops $1,400, falls back but recovering

21 Jun 2019 – The gold price shot past $1,400 in overnight trade before falling back nearly $20 this morning. but in European trade gradually made up much of its lost ground again. Can it close the week above $1,400?

Russian gold purchases slowing? – 6.22 tonnes in May

21 Jun 2019 – In May the Russian Central Bank reports adding 200,000 ounces (6.22 tonnes) of gold to its reserves – well below the levels reported for the three months previous, but whether tis represents a slowing down of gold accumulations is too early to tell.

Can gold’s breakout be sustained?

20 Jun 2019 – Statements from the U.S. Fed, the ECB and a tweel from the U.S. President all combined to give precious metals a sharp price boost. Are the new levels, and a likely increase in expectations for the second half of the year, sustainable?

Gold at $1,350 and silver at $15 – what now?

14 Jun 2019 – The gold price briefly rose back above $1,350 – indeed it even touched $1,360 – before being brought back down at one time to below $1,340. The rise was due to, increasing U.S/Iran tensions – but what next

China upping the ante in gold reserves

11 Jun 2019 – The Chinese central bank reports having added 15.86 tonnes of gold to its reserves in May – the highest level so far in its current spate of reporting apparent monthly increases.