Personal Views on Brexit

This is a bit of a departure from the normal subjects on this site – Precious Metals – although the  eventual outcome, one way or the other, of the UK’s Brexit dilemma may have a, perhaps brief, impact on prices.  Personally I’m a Remainer turned Leaver convinced that the ultimate outcome of a departure from the restrictions imposed on the UK by EU rules and regulations will be beneficial – and I also think that there’s a good chance that the EU will implode anyway within the next few years with, or without, Brexit.

I have penned a longish piece on why I now feel positively towards a deal, or no-deal, Brexit which has just been published on the South African-based business website, Biznews,com run by Alec Hogg who I used to work for when he owned and ran Moneyweb.  Moneyweb is a largely South African business website which had spawned Mineweb – a very international website on global mining investment – probably the leading global mining website at the time.  I was employed to manage and edit this latter site which I did for some years until Alec lost control of that business and the subsequent policy change by the new owners of Mineweb to withdraw from its international focus to what it is today – just a South African focused ancillary to the current Moneyweb.  This did not appeal to me so I switched my writing to this site, and to Sharps Pixley and US Gold Bureau where my articles on Precious Metals now appear,

I asked Alec if he would be willing to publish my Brexit views because the subject matter does not fit in with Sharps Pixley or US Gold Bureau, and Biznews has a far wider, and broader,  readership than lawrieongold – even in the UK.  And he kindly welcomed the suggestion – so here’s a link to the full article as it appears on Biznews –

Whether you agree, or disagree with my arguments I hope you enjoy reading it.