Two new articles on gold stocks posted by me on Seeking Alpha

I’ve posted two articles, one looking at Andean water problems affecting Kinross and potentially Barrick and Exeter, and another showing the huge rises in the share prices of the major gold miners, but demonstrating that they still nearly all remain hugely below the highs achieved in 2011 suggesting there’s still good upside potential yet.  To read click on the links below:

Water And Gold – Key Elements In Andean Projects

Massive Rises In Tier 1 Gold Stocks – Even Better Than the Juniors


A Different Approach To Assessing the Gold Mining Majors

Mike Bedford of Metals Focus told the European Gold Forum in Zurich of his approach to valuing the major gold mining stocks.  Article posted on the website.


European Gold Forum presentation comes up with a different approach to comparative valuations of Tier 1 gold stocks.

Data from the gold mining majors combined as though they were one massive gold mining company.

Metrics for individual stocks can be compared on a case by case basis with a global average.

TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE CLICK ONA New Approach To Valuing Major Gold Mining Stocks

Gold price at all-time high in some major gold mining nations

The following are some introductory bullet points for my latest article on Seeking Alpha:  To read the full article click on Currency Wars Keep Global Gold Miners In Good Shape:

  • While the US dollar gold price has fallen over 40% from its 2011 peak, the same is not true in major gold producing nations’ own currencies.
  • With most gold mining costs incurred in domestic currencies and revenues in US dollars, the economics of mining in most of the world’s top producers are not nearly so negative.
  • In Canada and Australia for example the gold price is only down 15% and 13% respectively from the 2011 peak.
  • In Russia – the world’s No. 3 gold miner – the current gold price is close to an all-time high.
  • In South Africa (the world’s sixth largest producer) and Argentina (world No. 14), the gold price is comfortably at an all-time high.