Farewell free TTMYGH – Grant moves on

Farewell free TTMYGH – Grant moves on

By Lawrence Williams

One of the most interesting commentators on the geopolitical and precious metals scenes is Grant Williams, and his free newsletter, Things that make you go hmmm.. (TTMYGH) has always been mandatory reading .  It is a quirky piece, but always hugely insightful and entertaining too.  One may not agree with all his opinions, but everything is presented well – and if you’ve ever had the privilege of hearing Grant speak at a conference you’ll also be both enlightened and entertained at the same time.

So it is sad news for TTMYGH readers that Grant has, after 5 years, decided to cease publishing it as a free to view letter in favour of setting up a commercial version – much improved he says –  where subscribers will have to pay to access his views rather than receive them for free.  Fair enough, one needs to make a living.  Here’s a link to the final TTMYGH newsletter which makes particular comment on both gold and its long term prospects (spectacular) and the unfolding latest Greek financial crisis which could bring the whole European economic can of worms crashing down.  He brings us his views on the US dollar strength and the ongoing ‘currency wars’ (disturbing), Japan (toast) amongst other things all linked via references to the first UB40 music album, plus a number of key articles and charts written/prepared by other very astute commentators.

The new TTMYGH is due to launch this month and those interested in reading more about it are invited to register by clicking on this link – www.ttmygh.com

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