London Bullion Market Association Launches Strategic Bullion Market Review

LBMA Press Release
The London Bullion Market Association has commissioned EY to undertake a study of the
London bullion market and to prepare recommendations for the continued development of
the market. The aim of this strategy work is to identify opportunities for market efficiency
and evolution, while increasing transparency and liquidity in line with the Fair and Effective
Markets Review (FEMR) launched by the Bank of England, HM Treasury and FCA which is
due to report in June. In August 2014, FEMR made recommendations to regulate a further
seven major UK based benchmarks, including those for the LBMA Gold and Silver Prices,
which subsequently became regulated.
Within the core parameters of enhancing liquidity and transparency, the study will consider
a range of options for the benefit of the bullion market.
“I invite participants from the global bullion market to engage in the LBMA’s Strategy
Study. EY brings momentum and independence to this work which started in 2014,” said
Ruth Crowell, CEO of the LBMA. “We’re looking forward to receiving the report in the
summer and sharing the recommendations and findings with Members and global market
Martin Watkins, FinTech Director and EMEIA Co-Head of Exchanges and FMI at EY,
comments “Many of the most exciting advances in technology are coming from the London
fintech market. In order to make sure that London remains central to the international
precious metals market and that the existing liquidity is maintained or enhanced, it’s going
to be important to assess how the rapid evolution of trading technology and the rampant
innovation in fintech can be leveraged for the good of the market and drive the future
evolution of the LBMA and the wider London bullion market.”

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