U.S. Gold Bureau’s Parent Company to Operate Texas Bullion Depository

 For those unaware, I write occasional articles for Austin, Texasbased precious metals dealer, U.S. Gold Bureau, one of the largest such operations in the USA.  For non-US-based readers of this column the site – usgoldbureau.com  – has blocked access from non US ISPs as the company does not do business outside its home country – that is unless you use something like the Tor Browser (www.torbrowser.com ), which can be set up to make it appear you are based almost anywhere in the world, including the U.S.  While this saves U.S. Gold Bureau from the necessity of responding to queries from people it cannot do business with, it also means that people not located in the USA are also unable to access some interesting market commentary and articles on precious metals published on  the usgoldbureau site.

For this reason I am including this article, with permission, from usgoldbureau.com on the setting up of the Texas Bullion Depository – as the article notes the world’s first state (as opposed to country)-administered bullion depository which is to be run by U.S. Gold Bureau’s parent company, Lone Star Tangible Assets.  US-based readers of lawrieongold.com will, of course, be able to go directly to the usgoldbureau.com website and read it, and the other market commentary which appears on the site, directly.

The article on the Texas Bullion Depository follows:

Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar has announced the selection of Lone Star Tangible Assets (LSTA) as the vendor that will partner with the Comptroller’s office to build and operate the Texas Bullion Depository – one of the first ever state-administered gold bullion depositories in the world (It has been pointed out to me that the Perth Mint in Western Autralia has a state-owned Gold Depository – Editor). LSTA is the parent company of the U.S. Gold Bureau, one of the nation’s leading tangible assets education and investment firms.

“Lone Star Tangible Assets brings the right combination of experience, financial stability and infrastructure necessary to make this depository a success,” said Hegar. “LSTA had a comprehensive vision for a safe and secure vaulting facility … and they addressed a lot of concerns we had relating to everything from transportation and security to customer service and IT infrastructure.”

Representatives from LSTA and the U.S. Gold Bureau were on hand at the announcement that took place at the Texas Capitol Building to provide more detail regarding existing facilities as well as next steps in the process. LSTA and the U.S. Gold Bureau are based in Texas and have been in the business of buying and selling precious metals since 2008. Their current vault facility is a highest rated Class 3 vault and will serve as the initial location for the depository as the company works to build a new vault facility for the Texas Bullion Depository.

“This is a great moment in the history of our state,” said Hegar. “The Texas Bullion Depository will be yet another example of why Texas is the greatest state in the nation and a leader when it comes to economic innovations. People will be able to sleep at night knowing the State of Texas is protecting their gold.”

“Lone Star Tangible Assets is honored and proud to have been selected for this incredible opportunity,” said Matt Ferris, chairman of LSTA and U.S. Gold Bureau. “We have already developed a fantastic collaborative relationship with the Comptroller’s office and we look forward to working with Comptroller Hegar and his staff as we make history together.”

The Comptroller’s office will provide ongoing oversight of the project to build out the depository and prepare for the opening. The Comptroller’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID) has already performed inspections of existing facilities and physical security measures, while the Information Technology and Information Security Divisions examined proposed software and digital security systems.

“Oh they were very thorough,” added Ferris. “But I think everyone involved in this process wants it to be done right rather than done fast. When you are asking people to trust you with their literal treasure, you need to make sure you’ve done your homework.”

The U.S. Gold Bureau and usgoldbureau.com will continue to operate as they have and will eventually offer secure metals storage at the Texas Bullion Depository, once the facility opens and the necessary details are worked through



2 thoughts on “U.S. Gold Bureau’s Parent Company to Operate Texas Bullion Depository

  1. Bron Suchecki June 19, 2017 / 1:18 am

    “the first ever state-administered gold bullion depository in the world” Hmm, Perth Mint has been a state owned entity since 1970.


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