Three articles on gold, the dollar and the Fed effect on them

While I may not have been publishing much on in the past few weeks or so,  I haven’t been being non-productive but have been publishing my own articles elsewhere while using this site for what I deem to be some pertinent independent comment.  Readers may thus like to have their attention drawn to a series of three articles, all published on looking at the effects on the gold price and the U.S. dollar of various statements by US Fed Board members and Heads of Regional Feds, which in concert suggested that rather than wait until June to implement the next Fed rate rise, which had been the consensus, that it was now likely to occur at the March meeting of the FOMC, which is now due in 10 days time.  The effect of these statements has been to drive the dollar index higher and the gold, and other precious metals prices, downwards.

In chronological order the three articles are as follows – click on the article titles to read in full:

1.       Gold price knocked on renewed talk of March Fed rate rise

President Trump’s address to Congress, and perhaps even more so statements by US Fed officials, saw the gold price drop more than $10


2.       Gold and silver holed by the Fed – again

The odds of the US Fed implementing a rate increase as early as the March FOMC meeting in 2 weeks’ time have increased to over 80% with gold and silver prices suffering accordingly.


3.       Gold, the dollar and the Fed. Fortunes made and lost?

The latest series of hawkish forecasts on a probable March interest rate rise could have given anyone with foreknowledge the opportunity to make enormous monetary gains.


Readers may also like to view articles I’ve been publishing on Seeking Alpha.  The latest of these is: Gold And Silver Stock Picks: How Are We Doing So Far. Which looks at the performance of some stock picks I made on December 30th – but be advised the article was written immediately before the various Fed grandee statements knocked the gold price back sharply.  However I still stand by my recommendations.


2 thoughts on “Three articles on gold, the dollar and the Fed effect on them

  1. larryzb March 5, 2017 / 7:44 pm

    How long can the Fed and the bullion banks keep the price down for gold and silver? Perhaps, for decades to come?


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