Silver and Silver Stocks have been Making Strong Move

Silver has performed better than gold post Brexit.  Gold rallied around $100 as soon as it became apparent that The UK’s referendum vote was going in the Leave direction, but has since come back to levels it had actually already achieved a week or so earlier.  However silver has surged ahead with the Gold:Silver Ratio (GSR) coming down to around 71.75 as I write from levels above 74 pre-Brexit.  Indeed the silver price has achieved a level which it last saw back in early 2015 – and then only briefly.

Do read my commentary on the silver price posted on – See: Silver surges. Will it be allowed to continue upwards?.  the recent surge in price  is something that has seemed to be ignored by the media.

If you are interested in silver stocks – the best performing investment subsector so far this year, do read also my article published on – Silver Stocks Best Investment YTD. Can They Continue to Outperform.

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