Mining Indaba sponsorship anyone?

The Cape Town Mining Indaba early next month is one of the world’s top mining conferences and is hugely well attended.  As readers will be aware, is free of charge and we hope you find it useful – but being free of charge it does mean that certain travel options fall beyond my rather limited travel budget.  I estimate that flights and hotel to go to Cape Town for this year’s event would cost me around £1,000 in total (I travel cheap!) and this is my first attempt at some kind of crowdfunding process to enable me to attend.  So if any reader would be kind enough to contribute, please let me know.  I already have a pledge for £100 towards the trip (if I go) – only £900 to go!

As a quid pro quo I could represent your interests at Indaba, which is one of the best networking events that I know.  And in any case it should generate some articles which readers may find useful.

This is something of a last minute longshot, but if anyone would like to help do email me on [email protected]

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