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As regular readers of lawrieongold will know, I also write for other websites – notably, and  Here are some links to my recent posts on these sites which readers may find of interest:


The COMEX gold warehousing debate – the truth

We have seen articles suggesting that COMEX gold warehouse gold stocks are low to the point of serious concern in the ability to provide physical gold on contracts which demand it.

An event for the gold and silver great and good!

This year’s Denver Gold Forum starts this weekend with presentations from key executives from virtually all the world’s top 20 gold mining companies as well as a series of keynote addresses.

The implications for gold of a global stock market crash

Global stock markets are ALL well below their 52 week highs and behaving with considerable nervous volatility. Could this be the beginnings of a major market crash and if so what would happen to gold?

China’s SGE gold demand beating global new mined supply

Lawrence Williams – July and August Chinese gold demand figures as suggested by SGE withdrawals are actually higher than the world’s total supply of newly mined gold.

Could gold drop below $1,000? If there’s a stock market crash – yes.

Lawrence Williams – Gold could fall back below $1,000 but not directly as a result of Fed interest rate rises, but if there is a major stock market crash again as in 2008.


July/August Chinese Gold ‘Demand’ Exceeded Total Global Supply


Randgold/Anglogold JV to rebuild Obuasi gold mine in Ghana

The Obuasi mine was the key Ghanaian asset of Ashanti Goldfields in the merger…

ex-Gold Field’s Mali project, Humming along to first gold

Hummingbird Resources appears to be making excellent progress on bringing Gold Fields’ former Yanfolila…

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