UPDATE: Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium – Price And Stock Forecasts/Recommendations For 2018

My latest article on Seeking Alpha looks at changes to my precious metals price predictions for 2018 and recommended stocks given the underperformance in the precious metals space so far this year


Our precious metals-related stock selections of late December last year have underperformed along with the corresponding metals prices.

We anticipate an improvement in precious metals prices in the remaining months of 2018.

We have re-worked our tabulation of stock and metal price predictions and look for growth over the remainder of the year.

To read the full article click on: Gold And Silver Now And Forecast Target Price Adjustments For End 2018


Lawrieongold hits 100,000 pageviews

For a new financial commentary site focusing on precious metals (I don’t like the word blog as to me it conjures up thoughts of scurrilous dialogue on some of the baser aspects of life) lawrieongold.com has done  well in terms of global readership.  We have been going for just  under 13 months and have just passed the 100,000 page views metric with readers from over 160 countries (countries as defined by the WordPress statistical  department).  Over half our accesses have been from North America.  The other most prominent sources of readership have been the UK, Australia, Germany, South Africa, The Netherlands, India, Switzerland and Singapore (in that order).

We would like to thank those of you who have been following the site and our commentary, and those external authors who have allowed us to republish some of their material – notably Julian Phillips in South Africa and Frank Holmes in Texas.  As readers will know my own commentary is not restricted to writing on these pages, but I also have material published, or republished elsewhere, of which the two most prominent sites are SharpsPixley.com – which is also one of the best aggregators of precious metals news and views out there as well as providing original comment – and also on Seeking Alpha where I publish articles directly while it also picks up many of my lawrieongold articles too.

I do hope you continue to find the commentary published on this site valuable (hopefully prescient!).  Admittedly my own views (and editorial selections) are largely pro-gold, but not fanatically so.  I call it as I see it.  Thus I do hope you will continue to follow the site this year, and for the future (as long as I keep on publishing it) and do take a look at my work on other sites too, and wish you all the best for the future.

Lawrence (Lawrie) Williams

Scary 2016 ahead, Russia adds gold, SGE withdrawals etc. – and Season’s Greetings

Firstly my compliments of the season to all reader’s of lawrieongold.com, which I have now been publishing for almost exactly one year – and which has achieved just short of 100,000 page views over the period.  Thanks for following.

Here are some pointers to articles I have published on Sharpspixley.com – one of the best aggregators of precious metals news and comment available – in the past few days:

Scary year ahead. Should we be buying gold and silver:  Portents for 2016, according to a number of well-respected observers – are beginning to look decidedly scary. Will this turn the investment sector back into buying gold and silver?

Russia adds another 21.8 t gold and 46t more drawn out of China’s SGEThe Russian central bank has been continuing its gold buying spree increasing its holdings by around 22 tonnes, while China’s SGE sees physical gold continuing to be withdrawn at a strong level

And one you may not have seen, published on Seekingalpha.com pointing to the potential of an investment in the GDXJ if gold and silver do make something of a recovery in 2016: GDXJ- Limited Downside And Great Upside Potential In A Rising Gold And Silver Price Scenario


My posts on other sites

As regular readers of lawrieongold will know, I also write for other websites – notably sharpspixley.com, biznews.com and seekingalpha.com.  Here are some links to my recent posts on these sites which readers may find of interest:


The COMEX gold warehousing debate – the truth

We have seen articles suggesting that COMEX gold warehouse gold stocks are low to the point of serious concern in the ability to provide physical gold on contracts which demand it.

An event for the gold and silver great and good!

This year’s Denver Gold Forum starts this weekend with presentations from key executives from virtually all the world’s top 20 gold mining companies as well as a series of keynote addresses.

The implications for gold of a global stock market crash

Global stock markets are ALL well below their 52 week highs and behaving with considerable nervous volatility. Could this be the beginnings of a major market crash and if so what would happen to gold?

China’s SGE gold demand beating global new mined supply

Lawrence Williams – July and August Chinese gold demand figures as suggested by SGE withdrawals are actually higher than the world’s total supply of newly mined gold.

Could gold drop below $1,000? If there’s a stock market crash – yes.

Lawrence Williams – Gold could fall back below $1,000 but not directly as a result of Fed interest rate rises, but if there is a major stock market crash again as in 2008.


July/August Chinese Gold ‘Demand’ Exceeded Total Global Supply


Randgold/Anglogold JV to rebuild Obuasi gold mine in Ghana

The Obuasi mine was the key Ghanaian asset of Ashanti Goldfields in the merger…

ex-Gold Field’s Mali project, Humming along to first gold

Hummingbird Resources appears to be making excellent progress on bringing Gold Fields’ former Yanfolila…