Gold, Silver, Chinese Gold Demand. the Brexit effect and much more

As well as posting the odd article here over the past week, I’ve been fairly busy on some other sites, and also was interviewed by Cory Fleck of the Korelin Economics Report  (, a much-followed North American based internet radio and podcast site and a link to the segment is here:  Weekend Show Segment 3 – Lawrie Williams on what will drive gold in 2016.

While it was good to be interviewed on such a well-accessed site, these interviews are always time constrained - I think the segment runs to around 9 minutes - so readers may also be interested in some other articles I posted last week on and on covering different aspects of the precious metals sector - which has been flying post-Brexit.  Precious metal prices and indexes have risen sharply and UK investors in particular have seen huge rises in pre-Brexit gold and silver investments given that these have been hugely enhanced by the big fall in the value of the pound sterling against the U.S. dollar in which these metals are traded.

On this latter point, my latest article on asks the question whether UK investors should consider taking some profits given that the fall in the pound seems to be stabilising, and gold and silver price rises may be taking a rest.  Click on the link to read this article: Should UK’s pre-Brexit gold buyers take profits? 

Also on sharpspixley .com I took a look at the huge rise this year, and particularly recently, in gold flows into the  big GLD gold ETF in the U.S. and its continuing impact on the gold price: Huge post-holiday increase in GLD gold holdings key gold price driver. and a commentary on the withdrawals year to date from the Shanghai Gold Exhange of some 973 tonnes - which some equate to the real level of Chinese gold demand: China’s H1 SGE gold withdrawals 973.1 tonnes.

Finally on an article, also picked up on which also runs some of my lawrieongold articles in addition to the ones I submit directly, on the latest Credit Suisse analysis and projections for the gold price going forward seeing a $1,500 price ahead: Still stronger gold price ahead - Credit Suisse.

On Seeking Alpha I published an article looking at the enormous one-day rise in GLand another artiD holdings over the American Independence Day holiday which totalled 28.8 tonnes in a single reporting day - Absolutely Phenomenal Rise In SPDR Gold ETF Over Holiday and another article looking at the huge gains in gold and gold related derivatives and equities year to date.  (This includes comment on silver, and silver equities as being gold-related, and have ben the year’s top performers in the precious metals subsectors: Enormous Gold-Related Gains Seen In H1 2016.

So lots of weekend reading for you.  Enjoy!

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