Some important upcoming precious metals conferences

One of the better ways of keeping up with with what’s going on in the precious metals sector is through attending some of the major conferences  being held around the world, and there are three such we would commend coming up in the next four to five weeks which we would consider worth attending, depending on where you are located around the world.  They can also be invaluable in creating networking opportunities - probably the reason a good proportion of delegates will attend.

The first of these is Mines & Money Hong Kong, which takes place next week.  While not specifically a precious metals event, it always has an important precious metals element within it and the forthcoming one is no exception.  It is expected to be a smaller event in terms of exhibitors this year, which is not surprising given the torrid times faced by virtually all sectors of the global mining industry.  Companies attending are mostly based in, or operating in,  the Asian and Australasian areas which tends to set it apart from European and North American events.

As usual there is an impressive array of speakers to complement the more commercial presentations from the sponsoring mining companies.   For event details click on 

The next two follow shortly after Easter.  The now long established European Gold Forum takes place in Zurich on April 14th and 15th.  This is the European offshoot of what is perhaps the most impressive precious metals event of all - the Denver Gold Forum (which takes place in September)  - and is run by the Denver Gold Group whose director, Tim Wood, in a previous existence, was largely responsible for building the Cape Town Mining Indaba up to being a must attend event in Africa - and prior to that was the key driving force behind firstly, the Mineweb and  later the Resource Investor mining investment sector websites.

Again the European Gold Forum attracts some good keynote speakers and is aimed primarily at the larger and mid tier precious metals mining companies with a smattering of the better juniors thrown in.

The third forthcoming event we would recommend attending (but they are picky as to who they will let in!) is the new kid on the block - the 121 Mining Investment London conference being held in the heart of London’s financial district on April 20th and 21st.  This will be the third 121 event following a successful launch conference in Hong Kong in October last year and the equally successful similar event which ran alongside the Cape Town Mining Indaba in February this year.

The 121 team is led by former Mines and Money/Beacon Events executives and offers a rather different environment to the bog standard mining investment conference in that it is entirely aimed at bringing together miners, investors and fund managers by facilitating one on one meetings around which the conference is built.  Again while not specifically a precious metals event, precious metals companies tend to represent a significant number among the participants.

As to the conference itself, again the non-commercial presentations are largely taken up with Panel discussions pulling in some key experts in their field and opening up the forum to a more diverse range of opinions, and rather more audience participation, than can be put forward by a limited slate of key individual speakers.

For more information on this event, click on

PS - Another incentive for attending the 121 event - or maybe a disincentive - is that the Precious Metals panel discussion on the 20th at 11.30 am will be moderated by this writer and I will hope to generate some good discussion on some of the more controversial elements of today’s gold market

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