Off to the Cape Town Mining Indaba

Just a note to readers of, I’ll be flying to Cape Town this evening for this year’s Investing in African Mining Indaba conference, the biggest mining event in Africa. It also claims to be the world’s largest mining investment conference but we reckon next month’s PDAC in Toronto should carry that mantle, although this is perhaps a matter of semantics regarding what should be classified as a resource investment conference!

Nevertheless the annual Mining Indaba  is a major conference/exhibition by any standards and, as a measure of its success has spawned a batch of add-on events around it.

Thus I also plan to attend at least a part of one of these - the newly organised 121 Mining Investment Cape Town conference - a much smaller, and possibly more focused, event - which is taking place nearby on Monday and Tuesday next week.  (The Mining Indaba and its own complementary specifically mining investment focused event effectively runs from Sunday through to Thursday next week)

I have recently published a more detailed article on Mineweb looking at changes which are being made to the Mining Indaba as it evolves under the new ownership this year by the UK’s Euromoney group.  This article followed on from an interview with Jonathan Moore, the Mining Indaba’s Managing Director.  To read this click on Will this year’s Mining Indaba be changing for the better?

Thus due to travel, sleep deprivation and the delights of the Cape Town summer compared with the Northern Hemisphere winter, I may not publish anything on for a couple of days but, in the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger,  I’ll be back!



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