New style Mineweb precious metals competition - win cash

$2,000 up for grabs for Mineweb/Moneyweb readers for mid-year commodity price predictions

The last 12 months have proven to be a volatile period for commodity prices and there is much speculation about how different resources will perform in the new year.

Will geopolitical turmoil fuelled by a Greek exit from the European Union provide a catalyst for the gold price? Will the major investment banking groups be correct in their assessment that oil could drop as low at $30? Can a rebound in the automotive sector provide some support to the platinum price? Is the global supply glut finally to begin working its way out of the various sectors in the new year?

These are all questions which play on the minds of industry experts who try and predict commodity prices are going to go in the year.

Mineweb is giving our community members the opportunity to win $2,000 if they correctly guess the prices of various commodities by the opening of trade (9am South Africa time) on 1 June 2015.

We will be offering $250 for the nearest correct guess in gold, silver, platinum and the oil price and $1 000 to the person who correctly guesses the prices of the total basket.

Go to  to submit your entry form . Note don’t put $ signs in prices as form won’t accept them

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