Gold ETFs, Big correction in gold, silver, pgm prices, China’s latest gold reserve figures – only a small increase

My latest articles on the website look at the goings on in precious metals markets, the rise and rise in gold ETFs and China’s not so big latest gold reserve increase.  Click on the titles to read full articles:

A WGC analysis of global gold ETFs shows that they are near levels last seen in 2012 when they were at a record. This indicates that the big money is again investing in gold amid nervousness of an equities market meltdown.

Big correction in gold, silver and platinum. Equities recover.

 Precious metals prices suffered a major correction on Thursday and Friday after flying high at the beginning of the trading week. Equities picked up strongly after major falls earlier.

China says it only adds 5.9 tonnes of gold to reserves in August

The Peoples Bank of China reports adding only 5.91 tonnes of gold to its reserves in August – the lowest monthly addition since it restarted reporting monthly gold reserve increases in December last year


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