Peak gold, Fed rate cut and Palladium

Three of my recent articles published on the Sharps Pixley/Metals Daily websites

Peak gold continues to be elusive– WGC

The latest Gold Demand Trends report from the World Gold Council covering Q2 2019 shows that global gold supply is still rising despite many commentators suggesting we are already reaching/have already reached ‘Peak Gold’.

Has palladium had its day in the sun?

While gold has seen a decent price rise, palladium has seem something of a price collapse to below that of the yellow metal. Will it recover to be worth more than gold again?

Gold and silver dive on less downbeat Fed but recover fast

The U.S. Fed decision to cut interest rates by 25 basis points as ‘insurance’ and a more upbeat outlook in Fed Chair Powell’s subsequent statement saw all thee precious metal prices marked down sharply. – but for gold and silver not for long.



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