Silver picking up steam

My latest silver post on  Relevant because of silver’s latest surge but slightly outdated already in that silver, having stagnated fir a long time with the Gold:Silver ratio climbing to over 93, has seen it come back down to 87 meaning that the metal price has hugely outperformed gold over the past few days.  Also, not mentioned in the article is the fact that there have been enormous inflows into the SLV silver ETF over the past month which suggests some of the big players may well have anticipated a silver lift-off – if indeed they haven’t been directly responsible for it.  Click on the title to read full article:


18 Jul 2019 – Silver had been the poorest performer among the precious metals, but this week, as gold has also seen something of a renewed surge, silver has been picking up nicely with the GSR coming down a few points at long last


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