Thoughts on Brexit likelihood and big decline in Central Bank buying

Two articles published by me on, the first of which looks at the possibility of Brexit and although polls look to be showing a swing to the ‘Remain’ option they are still too close to call and the result may come down to whichever side is most successful in getting their voters out.  See:

Brexit loses momentum. Gold drops. But it ain’t over yet!

The second article examines latest Central Bank statistics which have seen a huge slowdown in May with the Chinese Central Bank apparently buying no gold at all, and Russia buying only 3.1 tonnes.  Given that China and Russia were, by a huge amount, the principal buyers of gold over the past year for their respective central banks a continuation of such a slowdown means the the specialist precious metals consultants’ estimates for Central Bank gold buying this year, a significant part of prospective gold demand, may prove to have been hugely over-estimated.  However to counter this purchases into the gold ETFs have been far higher than estimated.  Swings and roundabouts!  See:

 Central Bank gold buying slipping back, but ETF demand compensating


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