Could gold drop below $1,000? If there’s a stock market crash – yes.

Another week and gold has been falling again, but investors don’t know which way to turn given the yo-yo performance of the major stock indices – particularly in the U.S. and Asia. Gold has been damaged by yet another set of indicators which have suggested to some that the U.S. Fed will next week make its long heralded decision to start raising interest rates.  It has talked itself into the position that it will have to raise rates sooner or later or lose whatever credibility it may have, but there’s still so much uncertainty around that the decision could yet be postponed to later in the year, or even into next although this observer feels that sooner rather than later is the most likely outcome.  Indeed any decision to start raising rates will probably come as a relief to the gold investment community with the gold price having been knocked down almost every time the Fed is predicted to take the decision to start the process……

The above is the intro to my latest article on gold for – to read the full article click on this link.


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